COMMERCIAL Eco green roofing

Eco green roofing is also known as a living roof. Eco green roofs are partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, which is placed over a waterproof membrane.

Eco green roofing also typically contains root barriers and irrigation systems, and some even have rooftop ponds that are used to treat greywater.

Eco Green roofs serve several purposes, including absorbing rain water, providing insulation, creating wildlife habitat, and creating aesthetically pleasing work spaces. From an environmental perspective, eco green roofs help to lower urban air temperatures and use the natural filtration of plants to treat water and clean urban air.

There are generally two types of eco green roofing. Intensive roods are thicker, with a medium depth of about 5 inches, and can support a wide range of plants. Intensive roofs are relatively heavy and require a higher degree of maintenance than the alternative extensive eco green roof. Extensive eco green roofs are only about an inch thick, are lighter, and require minimal maintenance.

While the initial installation costs of an eco green roof can be quite high, eco green roofing can extend the lifespan of a roof by almost double because the roofing materials are covered with vegetation, which shields the roof from ultra-violet and other physical damage. Eco green roofs also increase the thermal performance of a roof, leading to increased energy efficiency of the building and lower heating and cooling costs.

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