Commercial Torch Down roofing systems have been used for decades and produce lasting results.  Torch Down, also known as “modified bitumen” is the most common type of roof used in commercial operations that have flat or very slightly pitched roofs.

Torch Down roofing is a rolled product that consists of a thick membrane, embedded in a layer of asphalt. Additives in the asphalt give the roof a rubbery quality that allows it to expand and contract in harsh conditions.  This resistant to cracking make it a popular choice for commercial roofing where the goal is to avoid expensive repair and maintenance.

Commercial Torch Down roofing has a fiberglass matte base coupled with one or two layers of modified-bitumen saturated polyester matting. These materials create the waterproof membrane of the Torch Down roof. And the top sheet of a commercial Torch Down roof has a granular surface, which provides an effective barrier to sunlight and protects the room from ultra-violet damage.

Torch Down roofing is extremely durable, which makes it perfect for commercial roofing applications.  A typical Torch Down roof has a life expectancy of up to 20 years. Because of its strength of resistance to puncturing, a commercial Torch Down roof is rarely in need of repairs except in the most extreme circumstances.

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