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New Commercial Roof

Whether you are giving your existing building a new roof or you are constructing a new commercial building entirely, installing a new commercial roof is a major investment of time and money.  The experts at Century Construction are here to make this process as easy as possible for you and your business.


One of the most important choices when deciding to install a new commercial roof is determining what roofing material is best for your budget, your business, and your commercial building.

There are many materials to choose from when installing a new commercial roof including built up commercial roofs, single ply commercial roofs, modified bitumen commercial roofs, asphalt rolls, metal commercial roofs, green commercial roofs and more. Click here to learn more about the many materials options for new commercial roof applications.

New Roof Costs

New commercial roof costs are influenced by many different factors including size, type, structure, location, and your choice of contractor.

Large new commercial roofs require more materials and labor overall, but the price per square foot is often lower for large new commercial roofs vs. small roof installations.

The structure of the roof is another important variable that influences the cost of a new roof.  Complex roofs may require more seems or require additional drainage systems to prevent water from pooling on the new roof.

The location of your commercial building can have a large impact on the cost of your new roof.  Some areas require high permitting fees or have frequent inclement weather that increases labor costs.

It is important to use a contractor that specializes in the installation of new roofs.  Best practices for new commercial roof installations are constantly changing, and an expert roofing contractor like Century Construction can help you keep the cost of a new commercial roof within your budget.  Click here to learn more about commercial roof installation with Century Construction.

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