Solar roofing has become more and more feasible during the past twenty years with the rise of new technology like solar roof tiles. These solar roof tiles are build to resemble traditional roof tiles, only they are thin, photovoltaic sheets that can replace or lay on top of existing shingles.

Just like solar panels, solar tiles captures energy from sunlight, producing electricity for your home, and can be installed and operate effectively in any climate. Most solar tile shingles produce between 13 and 63 watts, and can cut the average home’s electric bill between 40% and 70%.

Solar tile shingles are smaller than traditional solar panels, however, and are comparable to traditional roofing shingles. They are generally about 12 inches long, less than an inch thick, and weigh about 13 pounds per square foot. A typical solar tile installation is comprised of approximately 350 tiles.

Advantages of Solar Roofing

  • Sleek appearance. Solar panels can be bulky, but solar roofing tile are designed to match existing roofing.
  • Solar tiles can lower monthly electric bills
  • Solar roofing installation is relatively easy and are easier to install than solar panels.

Disadvantages of Solar Roofing

  • Solar tiles has lower efficiency than traditional solar panels and can not be adjusted for the best angle for sunlight exposure.
  • Solar tiles has a high installation cost, anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000

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