Commercial Maintenance & Repairs

Residential Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance & Repairs Packages

At Century Construction we offer an affordable, personalized roof maintenance packages and / or repairs for your home, or business. To prevent any long-term damage keeping a regular maintenance will increase your roof life expectancy. Contact us for pricing information.

Roof Maintenance Services Include

  • Full roof inspection flat or pitched
  • Moss removal if needed
  • Remove dirt
  • Remove leave/ branches
  • Pick up bottles, cans, plastics, others
  • Cleanse out pond water
  • Clean out drains and scuppers
  • Inspect downspout and clean if needed
  • Clean out gutters by hand to prevent any dirt from falling on premises surroundings
  • Remove and dispose all debris off site
  • Inspect rooftop unites

FREE Consultation

We offer FREE consultation to know more details about your project needs and explain the options available.

Roof Repair Service:

  • Repair areas after full inspection
  • Re-seal pipe flashing’s
  • Re-seal skylight corners
  • Re-seal HVAC units’ pipes and corners
  • Repair nail/screws
  • Reinforce drains & scooper if needed
  • Repair seems or cracks on base flashing walls
  • Repair any seems separations, cracks, cuts


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